TSP Defensive Blades Guide

TSP Yanagi Alpha

For Defensive Chopper

tsp yanagi alpha

The TSP Yanagi Alpha is made of willow wood to take the impact from very offensive shots from your opponents. The TSP Yanagi Alpha keeps the balls short and suitable for close to the table defensive game. The TSP Yanagi Alpha has power for attacking also and that's what Alpha stands for.

The TSP Yanagi Alpha is a 3 ply blade very maneuverable, stable and has no vibration.

This is a favorite blade for many defenders. The blade suits classic hardbat players also.

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TSP Yanagi Shot

For Active Defensive Chopper

tsp curl p2

The TSP Yanagi Shot is a 5 ply blade with thickness of 5.4mm. The willow outer layer adds more during offensive shots, and more control while chopping.

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